Your Blaze Griddle Cleaning Guide

Wednesday, Sep 25

Here at Blaze, we know the Blaze LTE Griddle has been getting MAJOR buzz lately! It is your favorite outdoor appliance and why wouldn’t it be?! You can cook basically anything on your favorite griddle top. What you really need to know is how to clean that bad boy. Not to worry, we are about to give you a quick and easy griddle cleaning guide!

griddle cleaning guide

Photo and Design: Creekstone Outdoor Living

Exterior Cleaning

To clean the exterior of your Griddle, always scrub and polish in the direction of the stainless steel grain. Be sure to wipe down the exterior of the appliance to remove any splatter or grease, but do not use harsh abrasives when cleaning. To remove any baked-on foods, use a fine to medium non-abrasive pad along with a stainless steel cleaner. This will help to avoid specks of grease collecting in the grain causing the appearance of rust.

griddle cleaning guide

Photo and Design: Arcadia Outdoor

Cleaning Your Griddle Plate

You should be cleaning your griddle after every use, but be sure to wait until the griddle plate cools off.

Thoroughly wipe the griddle plate (with the grain) using a simple mixed solution of water and vinegar and a rough cloth to remove food and other cooking residues. While we recommend a half and half mixture of water and vinegar, your possibilities are pretty endless when it comes to cleaning supplies. Dishwashing liquid, lemon juice mixed with water, and even coffee can be used to clean your griddle plate! You can check out some interesting ways to clean your griddle here.

You may use a scotch Brite pad for cooked-in food from the griddle plate. Be sure to THOROUGHLY rinse the griddle with room-temperature water after using any of these cleaners.

griddle cleaning guide

Photo: @lalajax1221

After the Cleaning

Once you’ve cleaned your griddle and rinsed with room-temperature water, be sure to dry your griddle plate. Lightly coating the griddle plate with the cooking oil of your choice (or a non-stick cooking spray) will help prevent the griddle from getting surface rust.

griddle cleaning guide

Keeping your griddle clean ensures it is ready to use at all times. So get to cooking and be sure to tag us @blaze_grills with all your Blaze Griddle photos! We cant wait to see what you create on your new Blaze Griddle.

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