Doors, drawers, and more: Tips for designing an outdoor kitchen with proper storage

Tuesday, Nov 27

What kind of storage do you need for your outdoor kitchen? Deciding on storage might seem like a quick and easy step – but don’t be fooled. There are endless options but selecting the right storage is important for an effective outdoor kitchen. How many doors and drawers do you need? How big do they need to be? What are you trying to store? These are all questions you need to consider when selecting your outdoor kitchen storage.

When you’re entertaining outdoors, the last thing you want to think about is the trash – so plan ahead! When designing your outdoor kitchen, consider adding trash storage so that you don’t have to worry about it in the future. Blaze Outdoor Products offers three different trash storage options to fit any outdoor kitchen:

  1. Blaze 18-Inch Roll Out Trash/Propane Tank Storage Drawer
  2. Blaze Narrow Trash Storage Drawer
  3. Blaze Roll Out Double Trash/Recycle Drawer

Next up, paper towels. Paper towels come in handy when grilling and cooking in your outdoor kitchen – but they also get in the way. Keep paper towels handy, clean and dry by installing the Blaze Paper Towel Holder in your outdoor kitchen. You also have the option to get the Blaze 32 Inch Double Access Door with Paper Towel Holder, combining it with an access door for added storage.

Blaze Outdoor Products also offers a dry storage option: the Blaze Stainless Steel Enclosed Dry Storage Cabinet with Shelf . This cabinet is fully sealed with gaskets and has adjustable shelves and removable doors.

There are a variety of access doors for your outdoor kitchen, including horizontal doors. These doors are unique because you can select whether you want the door hinge on the right or left. Blaze Outdoor Products does this to give you more options when designing your outdoor kitchen.

Finally, Blaze Outdoor Products offers both a 22 Inch Ice Bin Cooler and Wine Chiller as well as the Blaze Beverage Center. The Ice Bin Cooler and Wine Chiller offers a convenient way to store your beverages – and unlike a lot of the competition, our ice bin is deep enough to fit full-size wine bottles. If you want to go the next step up, check out the Blaze Beverage Center that has the ice bin as well as bottle storage, a bottle opener, a hot and cold sink, a towel holder and much more.

When designing your outdoor kitchen, don’t rush through storage options. Proper storage in an outdoor kitchen is necessary for it to function effectively – and it makes it easier to maintain. With options like a cutting board trash chute cover and reversible door hinges, storage decisions are more complicated than you might think. Don’t cut corners – you’ll regret it in the long run.

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