Fire Safety & Prevention Are A Top Priority At Blaze Outdoor Products

Wednesday, Oct 10

Did you know it’s National Fire Prevention Week? Since 1922, the National Fire Prevention Week has been observed in commemoration of the Great Chicago Fire during the week of Oct. 9.

Here at Blaze Outdoor Products, safety is a top priority so let’s go through some basic fire prevention and fire safety facts, as well as some grill safety tips.

What is the No. 1 cause of house fires? Unattended cooking.1 While you are cooking, even just stepping away for a quick minute could result in a fire. In the product manuals for our gas grills, it states to never leave your grill unattended for this reason – it takes just seconds for something to go wrong.

To help prevent a fire from ever happening, you’ll want to ensure your grill is kept away from all combustible materials and you’ll want to clean your grill on a regular basis. Blaze Grills were designed to be easily broken down for convenient cleaning so there’s no reason to not clean it!

Fires can still break out even if you do everything in your power to prevent them so make sure you have smoke detectors installed throughout your home. The batteries in your smoke detectors need to be changed twice a year – you can help yourself remember by replacing them when the time changes in the spring and fall. And, you’ll need to replace the detectors themselves every 10 years.

Did you know the No. 1 cause of accidental death is carbon monoxide?1 Since carbon monoxide is odorless, it’s harder to detect than gas so you need to be aware of the signs of carbon monoxide as well as doing your part to protect your home.

Never use your grill indoors – including your garage. They were designed for outdoor use only and will quickly cause carbon monoxide to build in enclosed areas.

Protect your family and your home by installing carbon monoxide detectors in your home. These need to be replaced every 5 to 7 years1 and should be placed lower to the ground because carbon monoxide mixes with air unlike smoke that rises above the air2.

General fire safety tips:

  • Always have an ABC Fire Extinguisher accessible
  • Never extinguish a grease fire with water or other liquids

General gas grill safety tips:

  • A licensed contractor or your local gas company must perform all gas connections
  • Always inspect and clean burner tubes for spiders before use
  • Do not attempt to heat unopened containers as pressure will build and cause an explosion
  • Never use charcoal or other solid fuel on a gas grill
  • Do not operate a gas grill while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Never connect a gas appliance to an unregulated gas supply

Fire safety is important for people of all ages. Make sure everyone in your family is prepared in case of a fire – and make sure everyone in your household knows how to help prevent fires. Blaze Grills wants everyone to enjoy outdoor cooking so take the time to prevent fires so you can enjoy your grill for years to come.


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