Having trouble keeping grill grates from rusting?

Friday, Dec 27

Blaze has gotten some questions about preventing rust lately, and we decided to write up a quick post about keeping your grill grates from rusting.

One of the most important things to remember is that grease and oil are completely different things. Grease causes rust – oiling your grill grates prevents rust from happening.

keeping your grill grates clean

Cleansing food particles/cooked grease and junk away from the surface of your grill allows the Chromium to do its job – keep the rust away. Chromium needs oxygen to keep your grates from rusting, which is why it is important to clean off all the food and grease after each cook. After cleaning, we recommend applying a light coat of oil your grates. What kind of oil? Our favorites are palm and grapeseed, but olive oil will work in a pinch!

The easiest way to make sure your grill grates do not rust is to clean the grease and food particles away after every cook! Remember to put a light coat of oil on your cooking grids after cleaning to prevent them from rusting, and keep them seasoned.

More questions? Our customer service department is always ready to help!

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