• 5 commercial quality 304 cast stainless steel burners
  • 14,000 BTUs of cooking power per burner, for a total cooking surface of 70,000 BTUs
  • 10,000 BTU infrared rear rotisserie burner
  • Total grill BTUs equal 80,000
  • Heavy 8mm stainless steel cooking rods maximize durability
  • 915 square inches of total cooking space
  • Push and turn flame-thrower primary ignition system delivers a fast start every time
  • Flash tube ignition and crossovers provide an alternate ignition option
  • Removable warming rack
  • Heat zone separators divide the cooking surface into individual temperature zones
  • Flame stabilizing grids minimize flare-ups while adding a grilled flavor
  • Full-width drip tray for quick clean up
  • Double-lined grill hood protects outer layer from heat discoloration and maintains more heat
  • Blaze Grills offers an impressive Lifetime Warranty




Rated 20.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating
2 Reviews
Rated 4.00

I have had this unit now for a year and only had one real minor issue with the hood handle, the company took care of the issue promptly. As far as performance, this is the best grill I have ever owned. I am a very experienced griller and have had all the box store brands including Webber. As long as it is not raining I am grilling. The grill has very little flareup (I even grill Bacon on it with hardly any flareup). I have cooked almost everything from burgers to pizza's and always turns out great. I have the Infrared Burner and smoker box options as well and works great. I am also surprised at 5 burners it does not use a lot of propane. As for quality it is the heaviest duty grill I have owned. On the temp gage, the low, med, high is no big deal to get used to. After all with any new grill you got to get used to its cooking potential and in doing so you learn the gage as well, Over all I say the Grill and the company is 10 out of 10.

Rated 4.00

This is my review of the 40inch 5 burner Blaze grill. Im no professional , by far, but I am an avid BBQing guy who uses the bbq to cook a lot during the summer and winter months. Normally for parties ill cook for 10-20 people thus needing a bigger bbq, and after doing some research of what I could afford I got this bbq. I got the 5 burner with all the options, searing burner, cover, smoke box, kart and rotisserie kit. After using it a few times and building it myself, this BBQ is a good product for the money but does have some flaws. First let me start by telling you what ive cooked on it. Turkey burgers, bacon, German sausages, chicken, and ive also done a rotisserie chicken using the rear burner. So let me go over the stuff I like and good points of this bbq. Over all build quality of this bbq is very good 8 ½ out of 10. The burners are well built, the hood is very sturdy, and the rear burner almost runs the length of the entire bbq. So that’s a plus. The cooking grids are well build and will last a long time. I like the heat dividers and catch trays, they work well. The kart it came with was good, not the best, but time will tell if its rusts or falls apart. It was pretty easy to build. Any normal person can put this together. You might need some help, an extra pair of hands is good. The wheels it came with were good, if the kart was a little thicker this might be better. Once you build the kart and put the bbq itself on the kart its held on with two little bolts. Kind of weird but I guess it’s not going to go anyplace. Cooking on it seem great, even cooking, lots of heat, the 5 burner system let me cook a lot of food using different temps on either side. All the food came out perfect, and the searing burner ( option ) works real well. Over all cooking on this 5 burner bbq is 9 out of 10. I compared this one to some more big $ bbqs and this one competes with them. A good buy for the money. The drip tray is in front and easy to pull out and clean. The kart has lots of room under it for the propane tank and lots of storage. The rotisserie kit that I got ( option ) works well and is very quiet and turned my chicks with out and hesitation. All the knobs and parts seemed to be well built and probly won’t need replacing for a long time. Now for the things I don’t like, or things that could make this bbq a lot better. First the BIG issue I have is the temp gauge on the hood. It does not have temp numbers only reads “ low /med /high” this is %100 useless. Ask anyone who bbqs , you need to know what the temp inside is. Low med high tells you nothing. Even my old little crap Webber bbq had a temp gauge that read numbers. What was someone thinking when they put that on this high end bbq and thought that was a good idea. So that’s an issue and I plan on replacing it ASAP. Next the smoker box ( option ) really does not work to well, only because a bbq is not a true smoker. The gaps in a bbq don’t really allow it to smoke the meat, so its kind of a trivial option. That brings me to my next point of dislike. I think this bbq has too much gap space in the rear of the hood that meets the body. I think this lets out to much heat. Though a small complaint this bbq could keep more heat if that gap was smaller. It’s a small issue and I don’t think it will hurt its cooking over score, but if this gap was smaller it might help keep more heat. Next, also a small issue, is the bbq cover ( option ) made by the company who makes the bbq, just fits over it. The edges really get pulled and I think after a few summers this cover will rip and you will be buying a new one. So if you want a cover for it I suggest going to local store and measuring and getting one big enough. Over all I give this bbq a 8 out of 10 stars. A good buy for the money. It performs like a more $ bbq but less cost. I would recommend this bbq. Hello, Thanks so much for taking your time to review the grill. We understand everyone's time is valuable and I appreciate you for taking yours to share your opinion with other consumers which we know is valuable to them. So I wanted to give you the same courtesy by providing you a response to your concerns. Regarding the grill cart thickness: The good news is that we have had good luck with your grill cart and I think it should hold up well for you. We have considered thickening up the metal we use before but are unsure if the increased cost it will add to the grill would be worth it to the end consumer. We are constantly adding and trying little small upgrades that don't cost too too much money with the hopes of having the best product at the best possible price. Regarding the temperature gauge: You know whats funny, we actually had a gauge at one point in time with numbers on it and decided to go with the low /medium/ high gauge. We made this change because we had a lot of folks confused thinking that their grill wasn't achieving temperature due to the inaccuracy in temperature reading between the cooking grid and the temperature gauge. Our grill measures between 550-600 degrees on high on the cooking surface. (technically, there are some parts of the cooking surface that get over 600). At this temperature, our gauge was reading 400 something which really had folks thinking their grill wasn't getting as hot as it should. Because of the inaccuracy of the numbered gauge, our feeling is that a gauge on a gas grill is really only useful as a guide to go off of when cooking (vs thinking at 400 degrees on the gauge is actually 400 degrees). Because of this, the low /medium/ high gauge solved this issue and has eliminated customer confusion regarding the grill's high temperature. Now here is the good news, I still have some of those numbered temperature gauges and would be happy to send you one at no charge. Please just reply with your ship to address and I'll get you one. Regarding the gap in the back of the grill: You are absolutely correct that it is large enough that excess air and heat are allowed to escape through the grill. Unfortunately we are unable to decrease this opening due to requirements put forth by the testing agencies for us to achieve our ETL listing. Its one of those safety requirements to ensure there is adequate air moving through the grill to prevent overheating of grill components which could lead to gas leaks or control knobs getting too hot. I totally agree with you and wish they could be smaller myself. Again, we really do appreciate you for taking the time to review our grill. We also appreciate you as a customer and thank you for your business. Let us know if we can ever help you in the future. Regards, Blaze Outdoor Products