What are your goals for 2019? Let Blaze help you succeed!

Friday, Dec 14

Want to succeed in 2019? Give your customers the outdoor kitchen of their dreams in 2019 using Blaze Outdoor Products to reach your goals.

What is Blaze Outdoor Products?

Blaze Outdoor Products was started by people who love to grill. The founding team has a combined 45 years of experience, which resulted in fantastic products designed for the grill enthusiast on an affordable budget. Blaze wants our customers to have a high-quality outdoor living space where family and friends can spend time together, cooking great food. Read all about Blaze Outdoor Products here.

What does Blaze offer?

Blaze Outdoor Products has multiple lines of gas and charcoal grills, as well as additional outdoor kitchen components and accessories. So the next time you’re designing an outdoor kitchen, look no further than Blaze.

Blaze offers three different lines of gas grills — the Traditional Series, the LTE Series and the Professional Series. In addition, Blaze has two different charcoal grills — the standard built-in or on-cart charcoal grill and the Kamado Grill.

After the grill, what comes next in the outdoor kitchen? Side burners? Power burners? Refrigerators? A griddle? Blaze Outdoor Products has it all – we offer everything from beverage centers to vent hoods, and much, much more. Just check out everything we offer for outdoor kitchens.

Finally, we have the accessories to complete your outdoor kitchen. We have everything from Pizza Stones to cabinetry and drawers — we’ve thought of it all!

Why does Blaze stand apart from the rest?

Blaze Outdoor Products stands apart from the competition for many reasons. First, our unbeatable Lifetime Warranty. Many of our products come with a Lifetime Warranty that is truly a lifetime warranty. You can enjoy your grill knowing that it will last!

In addition, Blaze Outdoor Products has a customer service team that is here to answer your calls. When you call our toll-free number, you will speak to a person instead of an automated system. When you are on our website, you can chat with a person here in the Blaze Outdoor Products office. We are here to help you enjoy your Blaze Grill.

Blaze Outdoor Products was created with the customer in mind. We created a product that is consumer-friendly and easy to use. We didn’t want a complicated product that will end up breaking in a couple years – we wanted a strong, durable, reliable product that will do exactly what you want and need it to do – cook your food.

What can Blaze do for your customers?

For many, the brand of the grill is everything – and many are die-hard fans of one brand. While it might be hard to get customers to take a leap of faith and try out a new brand, once they try Blaze, they will understand and appreciate the quality and value.

We have many dealers and contractors that push Blaze Outdoor Products above the rest because of the benefits and quality. Blaze’s warranty is valuable to dealers and contractors because we take the worry out of your hands. They know that the product is of high quality and if there is a problem, they know that we will handle it.

So when you’re coming up with your goals for 2019, remember that Blaze Outdoor Products can help you reach those goals. Contact us today to find out more!

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